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Chef de Cuisine


Nicolas Scandella, Chef de Cuisine, wants to offer a high

quality bistro cuisine with regional and selected French products. It is especially important to him, in a sense, to unchain Vienna from the Image of the highly pretentious, complex and excessive French cuisine and to reconcile the city with a true modern, authentic and down to earth French cuisine.


Nicolas, born in Paris, France lives in Vienna since November 2015 with his partner and his daughter and was previously Chef and owner of the Le Sauvage in Fribourg in Switzerland. Trained in the great kitchens of Paris (La Table du Lancaster, 2 Michelin stars and the Restaurant Laurent, 1 Michelin star) and in Switzerland (Anne-Sophie Pic, Valens, 3 Michelin stars), he was awarded twice with his Restaurant Le Sauvage from the Gault et Millau for his

diligence and creativity (15/20 points).

Ninon Roux



Ninon Roux, owner and manager of Léontine, returned to her home country of Austria at the end of 2015 after long stays in France and Switzerland in order to implement her acquired knowledge and her love for the French cuisine in Vienna in her own restaurant. Together with her partner Nicolas Scandela she managed the Gault et Millau award-winning Restaurant Le Sauvage in Fribourg in Switzerland.


As a graduate of the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France she was able to perfect her acquired skills in various French restaurants. She enjoyed her culinary education working with Michelin-starred chefs.

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